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Advantages of the dental splints from SayCheeese from Vienna

SayCheeese is the real alternative to online providers from Vienna. We stand for quick success, short treatment periods (4-8 months), dental expertise and are also cheaper than you think!

The most important advantages and securities for your orthodontics at SayCheeese:

✓ Own surgery and always personally available for you
✓ Doctors licensed and registered with us in Austria
✓ State-of-the-art 3D treatment planning and diagnostics
✓ Honest opinion including expert advisory board and no empty promises
✓ Treatment quality from orthodontics
✓ We are an Austrian company

Zahnspange für Erwachsene: Vorteile bei SayCheeese


Our goal is your new smile!

At SayCheeese we rely on a treatment concept from orthodontics that has been specially adapted for aesthetic treatments. With our invisible splints, we correct misaligned teeth in just 4-8 months.

The photo shows our patient Stella. She was treated with SayCheeese aligners for 4 months.

Real dentists

At SayCheeese, your dental splint treatment is planned by personal dentists and supervised from the beginning to the end of the treatment. In doing so, they also assume responsibility and not a company abroad, as it is the case with other providers of television advertising.





You can rely on this with SayCheeese braces

1. Personal plans that are precisely tailored to your needs and expectations.

2. State-of-the-art treatment methods and invisible splints from the world market leader.

3. Honest promises. Because we have only been able to help hundreds of patients to get a new smile if we keep our expectations.

Invisalign - Die unsichtbare Zahnspange mit Garantie

Comprehensive options, united under one roof in our surgery

We offer you the entire treatment process from A-Z for your braces. We offer everything from a single source, from personal advice including X-rays, to individual planning, ISR (Interproximal reduction in the event of crowding) by our doctors, to checks at the end of the treatment. You know the doctor treating you personally and will not be sent to unknown addresses.

In addition to a beautiful smile, SayCheeese also focuses on health aspects. If your teeth or bite shift, late effects can occur or existing problems can be exacerbated. Therefore, we at SayCheeese also see ourselves as the precaution for your long-term dental health.

Dr. Lara Kaiser
SayCheeese Dentist

What is important for a safe treatment with invisible aligners?

• Direct participation in treatment by licensed doctors

• Being independent of providers/manufactures because this is the only way to provide unbiased advice

• Education for patients because aesthetic treatment is also a medical treatment with risks

• Before the treatment, there is a dental and diagnostic examination absolutely necessary (at SayCheeese free of charge)

• Direct and personal contact to the ordination and to the attending physicians

• Our physicians take direct responsibility for the treatment (not e.g., a company abroad)

• If necessary, a gentle Interproximal reduction (IPR) is carried out by our doctors and not by a machine in a few minutes

• Not having any hidden clauses or consents that exclude help if needed

Invisalign Zahnspange mit 3D Simulation

Scan & X-ray in our ordination

During your personal, non-binding and free appointment in our ordination, we create free X-rays, photos, and a 3D scan of your teeth. This gives our doctors an exact basis for planning your treatment with SayCheeese dental splints. We will discuss the possible results during the non-binding consultation appointment, and you will then receive the exact plan digitally a few days later.

Am I eligible for dental splints?

In our videos we clarify the most important questions about SayCheeese dental splints. In order to get a feeling as to whether you are suitable for our invisible splints, you can carry out our online preliminary check in just few minutes. If our SayCheeese braces are an option, you can arrange a free appointment right away. If you are unsure, you can of course also arrange a non-binding appointment, we will be happy to advise you and explain whether your case is better taken care of in orthodontics.

Am I a candidate?
Unsichtbare Zahnspange - Bin ich geeignet?
Zahnspange Vorher Nachher - Echte Patienten in Wien

Invisible splints from the world market leader

Good to know: Our doctors will assess your deformity and create a personalized case plan for you. In this, the number of transparent splints and the necessary movement of your teeth are planned by our doctors (not solely by software (AI) without checking by doctors) and finally approved. If you are satisfied with the result, you can start the treatment right away. It goes without saying that we do not use just any dental splints, but rather the world market leader with over 10 million successfully treated patients.

At SayCheeese, we combine orthodontic expertise with the dental trays from the market leader and accompany our patients personally and individually throughout the entire treatment period. With this formula for success, we can help you achieve the smile you want!

Dr. Ina Hingsammer
SayCheeese Dentist

We are happy to be there for you!

Your question to SayCheeese

You can use the form below to ask us your questions about SayCheeese’s invisible splints. Even better is your non-binding consultation appointment, which you can arrange via our online booking service or by calling 01 393 5050.

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